Structural Engineer: Retaining Walls in San Francisco, Sacramento & Oakland, Trellises & Canopies, Pedestrian Bridges, Trash Enclosures

Don't let their size fool you. These structures deserve the attention of a structural engineer, and we are ready to give expert attention to these light-weight but important structures.

Site Structures: Engineering Samples


Outdoor Restaurant Space Trellises

This outdoor restaurant seating area is nicely complimented by a mixed steel and wood trellis. In cases like this, the steel member sizes are often based on architectural intent rather than structural demand.

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Retaining Walls & Foundations

For buildings with occupiable space below ground, the foundation system is also a retaining wall system because the concrete walls carry the building. In parking garages, walls often retain two or three stories of soil.

In his work with a prominent L.A. engineering firm, Luke Ensberg designed several of these structures and others. The projects on this page refer to that body of work. 


Steel Entrance Canopy - Nevada Mall

The steel entrance canopy for a mall expansion had to be extensively engineered to optimize the design and minimize the steel tonnage. With engineering guidance, the architect reduced the canopy size and placed columns in key places to maximize material economy.